The Panhandlers Release New 4-Song EP, ‘West Texas Is The Best Texas’

The Panhandlers country music

Earlier this week, we were hit with the news that the Texas country supergroup, The Panhandlers, would be releasing a brand new four-song EP, their first batch of new music in over two years.

The supergroup, which is comprised of Josh Abbott, William Clark Green, John Baumann, and Flatland Cavalry front man Cleto Cordero, is known for their incredible country ballads that’ll take you straight to West Texas, and their 2020 debut self-titled album is a perfect example.

And now, they’re back at it again, as their new EP West Texas Is The Best Texas dropped today.

Abbott shared his thoughts on the new project:

“This EP listens like a West Texas ethnography allowing both those familiar and those who have never been to laugh at the sense of humor shared in the panhandle and western Texas.

Where good hearted jokes are made about electric cars & Austin, and a tip of the cap is shown to the cotton farmers & wildcatters that carry on the commodity legacies of the land.”

Cordero added:

“I feel there’s something for everyone. ‘Where Cotton is King’ for the rockers and headbangers, ‘The Chilton Song’ for those in need of a chillout session, ‘Midland Jamboree’ is a charmer and last, but certainly not least, there’s the title track, which makes you wanna crank the stereo to 11, roll down the windows, hit the blacktop and resist the temptation to point the car west – that is what Home sounds like to me!”

Abbott and Cordero hit the nail on the head with that one.

“Where Cotton Is King” is the blue collar boot stomper, “The Chilton” is a smooth, drivin’ around song, “Midland Jamboree” is an up-tempo western swinger, and the title-track is the ideal final song that really pulls the whole EP together, touching on everything that makes West Texas great.

Check ’em out:

“Where Cotton Is King”

“The Chilton”

“Midland Jamboree”

“West Texas Is The Best Texas”

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