Bay Area House Wins Halloween With “Skeleton Strip Club” Display

Halloween decorations

Yep, this may have sealed the deal for best Halloween decoration for 2022.

Halloween is a time for bonfires, haunted houses, horror movies, drinking an ungodly amount of alcohol while dressed up as your favorite character, and also an opportunity for the most creative, yet wildest minds to come up with the most insane decorations for the month of October.

Skeletons used as Halloween decorations is a tale as old as time.

I’ll never forget seeing a fake skeleton for the first time at Party City when I was about three years old (Yes, I still remember, and still traumatized) and getting the ever livin’ shit scared out of me.

But speaking of skeletons as Halloween decorations, this example right here is incredible…

We’re talking about a skeleton stripper with the signature purple hair pole dancing, as several other skeletons are in chairs looking up at her and going bonkers.

Fake skeleton strip club? Yeah, that’s a first for me, but you can’t help but laugh at the idea.

My one suggestion however, is that on Halloween night the owners of this house use a leaf blower and blow fake one dollar bills towards Ms. skeleton the stripper.

TELL ME that wouldn’t be awesome.

I’m not entirely sure where this house is located but it just SCREAMS Florida to me, however, some of the comments pointed out that the lack of grass in the front yard would argue for a location on the West Coast.

One commenter even claimed they drove past it the other day in the Bay Area, so who really knows.

Now, he’s just waiting on Karen from the HOA to come knocking…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock