Terrifying Rabid “Zombie Coyote” Attempts To Kick In Glass Window Of Someone’s Home

rabid coyote

There’s really nothing more frightening than a rabid animal.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, rabies makes animals fearful and aggressive, and show symptoms of excessive drooling, difficulty swallowing, staggering, paralysis, and seizures.

The site also notes that even though the typical result of a rabid animal is aggression, they can sometimes appear “uncharacteristically affectionate,” which makes them even more dangerous.

I mean, they look and act like something out of a zombie movie… and if you get bit? Have fun dealing with that. Granted, only like 2 rabies cases are reported a year in humans, and with modern medicine it’s relatively easy and effective to treat, but in years past, you would nee a TON of shots with a big-ass needle. It’s no picnic…

But if you want a prime example of how terrifying these rabid creatures can be, just take a look at this rabid coyote, that was videoed outside of a person’s home.

In the footage, you can see the coyote looking very slim, with its tail tucked, and it’s mouth opened wide, almost like it had lost its ability to shut it.

It truly is terrifying, as it literally looks like the definition of a “zombie coyote.”

However, perhaps the scariest part, is when the coyote begins to viciously kick at the glass window it’s peering into.

Imagine being the person in this home, knowing that a deadly creature is looking right at you, and it starts to break in?

Nightmare fuel.

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