Raccoon Comes Flying Out Of Tree Stand, Nearly Lands On Hunter’s Head

Deer stand

Coming in hot.

Wildlife is funny… I guess it’s funny from our perspective, but from theirs it just makes sense to use any structure they can get into as shelter.

All a deer stand is, is a place to sit out of the elements and hide a bit of noise and smell. Why wouldn’t it be the perfect place for a critter to live during the offseason?

Come the end of each summer, deer hunters get back out to their stands to put up trail cameras, salt licks, what have you… and do a deer stand inventory for work they may need to be done or upgrades. It brings back the excitement, the work for getting ready to hunt is half the fun. It builds the anticipation for the season, even if you get let down.

These hunters went out to check out the scene at their hunting spot and came across a situation. Something was living inside their stand.

Luckily, for our benefit, someone was smart enough to film it all go down.

When they arrived on seen there was a raccoon that took over the residence, and the boys decided it was time to evict him.

“There’s a coon in the blind, I brought a professional coon hunter”

One of the men puts a stick through the window and leaves the door open. He pokes the raccoon, which in turn comes sprinting out.

The camera man that he was in the safe zone, but he quickly found out.

The raccoon spreads its wings and jumps from the stand directly towards the man who takes off running.

That’s just one of those great hunting stories that the boys will tell forever.

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