Wanna Watch A Guy NOT Get Mauled By A Grizzly At Grand Teton National Park?

Grizzly bear

It just don’t stop.

You would think the endless signs, the folks who are paid to stop people from doing stupid shit, and the countless videos making fun of these people would be enough to make a person stop and think before approaching any wildlife.

But, it is not even close to enough.

Time and time again we see countless stupid and dangerous wildlife encounters coming out of Yellowstone and all national parks. People seem to think that just because they are on a vacation that they are at the zoo.

I’m here to tell ya, this ain’t no zoo and these animals can and will ruin your trip.

This Einstein is seen walking with his phone in hand directly to a large grizzly feeding roadside in Grand Teton National Park.

It doesn’t get much more ignorant than that.

But, it does here as the man not only foolishly approached a grizzly in the spring of the year, but also blocked the view of everyone else just to get a up close video.

Not cool, man, not cool…

Don’t ruin somebody else’s time just from the ‘Gram. You don’t work for National Geographic with an iPhone in your hand…

Don’t be this guy.

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