Throwback To Luke Combs & Leon Bridges Performing “Beyond” For CMT Crossroads

Luke Combs country music

Don’t get me wrong… country music is by far my favorite genre, but I can always get down with some Leon Bridges and his silky smooth blend of soul, R&B, and a flare of blues.

His most recent collaboration with Khruangbin is calming and groovy at the same time, but for me, his older music is classic.

And naturally, one of my all-time favorites from Leon Bridges is “Beyond.”

It’s the sweetest love song, imagining how someone could become everything to you and beyond.

In 2018 CMT Crossroads added some country flare to the song with the addition of Luke Combs. It elevated my love for the music and still rings true four years later.

Luke Combs has written some great love songs over the years, and I love hearing him sing one that is different than his status quo. He absolutely kills it.

He takes the slight twang off his voice, allowing it to fit amazingly into Bridges’ genre.

Combs comes in so strong in the first verse as he sings:

“She shines me up like gold on my arm/ I wanna take it slow but it’s so hard/ I love to see her face in daylight/ It’s more than just our bodies at night/ But she’s really temptin’ me, ooh.”

And it continues into the chorus as the duo harmonizes effortlessly.

On the bridge, they just let it rip as they both belt out the lyrics,:

“O me o my I can’t explain/ She might just be my everything.”

CMT Crossroads has done some great collaborations over the years, but this one will always take the cake for me.

I could go on about how this is a constant for me, but you should just give it a listen to yourself.

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