Alaskan Wolverine Caches Young Caribou To Eat Later In The Winter

Wolverine outdoors

Talk about an absolute killer of an animal.

There is truly nothing more elusive and dangerous as the wolverine. They are the wildest, fiercest, and more ferocious of animals.

Pound-for-pound the top brawler in the wild for sure, they can weigh up to 40-pounds but they will take on just about any animal that wants to try them.

They will fight off a bear, a wolf or hell, even multiple wolves, and not take so much as a scratch.

They are quite elusive though.

Rarely seen in the wild, and with a fairly low populations in most areas they inhabit, getting the opportunity to see one do anything is pretty friggin’ cool. In fact, most Yellowstone Park Rangers, guys that have been working there for decades have only managed to spot one or two… and for some, never.

This is no different.

This wolverine is seen running around the mountainous terrain of Alaska, moving bits and pieces of an animal around.

That animal is a caribou calf that the wolverine got to sink its teeth into.

The hikers were in Alaska when they noticed a dead caribou calf, and as the looked around, a wolverine was hiding pieces of the caribou in caches for itself to come back for at another time.

This is a normal practice for wolverines. They store or cache food throughout their home range that they don’t immediately need. If they need some food later in the future, especially in winter when food sources are more scarce, they know right where to go.

Even though this is a normal practice for this animal and many others, it just seems cool watching him hide chunk-sized pieces of the caribou. The forethought they have to help themselves in the future is pretty amazing when you think about it.

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