Billy Strings Is Done Signing Hundreds Of Autographs For eBay Hustlers: “I Can’t Go Anywhere Without Signing 500 F*cking Things”

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Unfortunately in this world, there are some absolute scumbag humans who will do anything to make a quick buck, and use people while doing it…

Even in the country music and bluegrass world.

You know, the people who will go out and buy tickets to see your favorite artists before you get a chance, and resell them for way more than the asking price, along with others who will get their merch signed by your favorite artists and sell them for a boatload of money.

With that being said, one bluegrass star in particular has decided to make an effort to end this madness, or at least as much as he can…

And it’s no other than Billy Strings.

He took to Instagram to share a video message about how he’s sick and tired of getting swarmed at the airport by these eBay hustlers who want him to sign a mountain of merchandise, and then turning around and selling it.

He’s putting a stop to it.

Strings shared in the message:

“It seems like anytime I go to an airport or a hotel or anywhere really, I’m met with handfuls of these eBay people that may or may not actually be fans of mine.

It’s really hard to tell sometimes but they have mountains of vinyls and posters and pickguards and drum heads microphones and f*cking, you name it… drum sticks, and f*ck… I don’t even play drums. They want me to sign and then they’ll turn around and sell them on eBay for 500 bucks or whatever.

I can’t knock the hustle. I’ve been there, you know? I used to sell shrooms. I used to sell weed. I used to have to hustle too. But when you’re taking advantage of my fans?

You know, some people just truly wanna get a poster and they don’t wanna pay f*cking $1,000 bucks for it. Somebody might actually want a record signed by me because they’re actually a fan and I would hate to turn those folks down because I’ve been hardened by these hustlers.”

He went on to say that he doesn’t want to shun the real fans, but it’s a really tough place to navigate. How do you know the real fans from the people just trying to make a buck off of you?

He revealed that the airports are the worst, where these scumbags will show up as his gate with piles of shit to sign:

“Then they’ll call the airport say that they’re me say that they lost their confirmation number or whatever and figure out where I’m leaving from. Then they’ll come meet me at my f*cking gate.

It’s super invasive of my personal space. I’m just trying to get on an airplane and go do my gig. I have to sign, you know, 500 things leaving somewhere. Then when I get to the new destination and I walk off the jet bridge, there they are again. New York to Seattle from Michigan to Texas this happens.”

Needless to say, he’s putting an end to the madness:

“It’s just gotten to the point where I can’t do it anymore. It’s just getting frustrating. I can’t let these people take advantage of me and you anymore.”

However, if you’re a true fan, don’t worry… Billy has still got you:

“If you’re truly a fan and you want a record signed, I will sign it. I’ll sign your poster if it’s like one or two. I will take a picture with you, I’ll f*cking send your mom a happy birthday message. I’ll pull out my guitar and sing you a song right there at the airport. But I’m not gonna sign 500 things anymore… every time I fly.

It’s getting to the point where it’s frustrating, and I can’t go anywhere without signing 500 f*cking things. It would break my heart if a real fan came up to me and said ‘man can you sign my record?’ and I said no because I’m hardened by these f*cking hustlers.

So I guess here’s my message. I’m not signing 50 f*cking things anymore but if you’re a real fan and you want a picture or an autograph I got your back no problem.

Peace and love.”

Gotta love Billy… he’s a real one.

And while it sucks to have to deal with this kind of shit as an entertainer, there’s a pretty awesome silver lining here… you’ve made it to the big time.

A crazy talented kid from Michigan made a name for himself playing bluegrass, so much so that these shady f*cks are able to make money off his signature on eBay. As annoying as it is, it’s also pretty damn cool to see Billy achieve this kind of notoriety.

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