Pour A Glass Of Whiskey Because Our “Sad Songs Make Me Happy” Playlist Hurts So Damn Good

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Khris Poage

There’s not much in the world that makes me happier than a good old fashioned, sad country song.

And if you follow Whiskey Riff in any capacity, then you know how much all of us here love a honky tonk heartbreaker, no matter how good life is at the moment.

I mean, it really doesn’t matter what kind of mood you’re in. Happy? Sad country song. Sad? Sad country song. Drunk? Sad country song. Hungover? Sad country song.

And absolutely nothing goes better with a soul-crushing country song than a strong glass of Templeton whiskey… that’s just science.

Presented by our friends at Templeton Distillery, our Sad Country Songs Make Me Happy playlist is almost 12 hours of nothing but the biggest tear-jerkers in country music, guaranteed to have you dropping a tear in your whiskey.

I mean, really, how does it get any better than that?

And it’s so much cheaper than therapy…

In addition the classics we all know and love, we added 10 new tracks to the playlist, including a handful of recommendations from some of our favorite country music artists.

And of course, they also have some top tier picks when it comes to their favorite sad tunes.

Whiskey Myers frontman Cody Cannon’s go-to is “Weatherman” by Hank Williams, Jr., and country superstar Mrs. Miranda Lambert turns to Guy Clark’s “Desperados Waiting for a Train” when she needs a pick-me-up:

Cody Cannon calls “Mr. Weatherman” the first sad song that he ever really got into:

“Let’s go with ‘Mr. Weatherman,’ Hank Williams Jr. That would probably be the first real sad song that I really, really dug, you know what I mean? It’s still up there for me, so I would say ‘Mr. Weatherman.’

That record was ‘The Pressure Is On,’ that was the first cassette tape I ever had when I was a kid.”

So without further ado, make sure to pour yourself a glass of Templeton Whiskey and turn up some sad country songs.

Cheers, y’all.

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