The Byers Residence From ‘Stranger Things’ Is On The Market For Only $300,000

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Over the past few years, Stranger Things has quickly become one of the most popular series on the planet.

Whether you’re a sci-fi fan or not, it’s borderline impossible to not want to keep watching once you get started, and that’s the beauty of it.

But speaking of Stranger Things, remember the house that Joyce Byers lived in with her two sons, Will and Jonathan in the first few seasons of the show?

Well, it’s up for sale, and can be yours for $300,000.

According to TMZ, the 1,846 square foot home is located in Fayetteville, Georgia, and sits on six acres of land and was built in 1900.

The seller notes that it’s a “fixer-upper,” which makes sense considering the price tag is set at $300K, a relatively low number for such a recognizable home.

The listing adds that it could potentially be a great Airbnb, a short-term rental, or personal residence for whoever wants to buy.

Many will immediately recognize the home from when Joyce used Christmas lights to communicate with Will after he disappeared into the upside down.

The seven siblings who own the home through a trust were first confronted about the future use for the show by the Duffer brothers in 2015, and they want to sell it to someone who is looking to restore it.

$300K? Not too shabby.

I’d just be aware of setting up Christmas lights in the home, though. They just might start flickering on and off nonstop.


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