Your Alcohol Of Choice Based On Your Favorite Country Artist

A man holding a bottle of alcohol

Booze is like wedding music, it’s all good.

But, what’s your get-drunk-drink of choice based on your favorite country artist? Here’s the rundown.

Luke Combs

A bunch of Diet Millers (Miller Lite).

Might have 1, 2 Many.

Eric Church

Jack Daniel’s. Maybe some mixed drinks (about feelings).

You allow it to kick your a** time after time. Hungover and hard up, and repeat.

Miranda Lambert

Tequila. Whiskey. Beer. Vodka.

Or maybe, her signature “Randarita” cocktail.

Chris Stapleton


Or, maybe it’s something not on the market that’s better than most stuff on the market, something homemade from the soul – like Stapleton’s unreleased music.

Cody Johnson

Something authentic, with a punch.

Maybe some of George Strait’s Codigo Tequila…

Ashley McBryde

Whiskey. The good stuff, too.

Eric Church is a huge fan, and called her “whiskey-drinking bada**.”

Florida Georgia Line

Fireball or plastic bottle vodka.

Hard to stomach, but guess what? Florida Georgia Line are officially DONE. Full story here.

Morgan Wallen

Beer goes great with mullets. I’m thinkin’ Busch Light.

Carrie Underwood

Rosé ALL DAY. Maybe some red wine.

Whatever helps you recover from a brutal leg workout.

Charles Wesley Godwin

Appalachian ‘shine.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock