Try Miranda Lambert’s Signature “Randarita” Cocktail… Because He Don’t Love You Like Tequila Does

Miranda Lambert holding a glass

Miranda Lambert is one of country music’s finest.

She’s also one of the finest in the “drink you under the table” department.

Back in 2014, Miranda hit us with her “Randarita” recipe, a low-cal vodka-Crystal Light cocktail that’s perfect for the summer. Although I’m pretty sure the “Randarita” isn’t Miranda’s drink of choice anymore, it’s still an easy-to-drink go-to.

“My trainer, Bill, approves,” Lambert said. “I mean, he’d rather me not drink, but that’s not an option. I have one before a show and a half during. Later, if I want to throw down, I throw down.”

When she said not drinking is “not an option,” I felt that.

A black coffee maker on a counter


-1 shot (1 oz.) vodka
-1 bottle (16 oz.) water
-1 packet Crystal Light On The Go Raspberry Lemonade Mix
-1 splash of diet lemon-lime soda


-In a 12-oz. glass, add ice and vodka.
-Add Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade to bottled water and shake it to mix.
-Pour half of the mixture into the glass, leaving one inch of space.
-Add a splash of soda and a straw.


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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock