Parker McCollum Harvests MASSIVE Bull Elk On Colorado Hunting Trip

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Growing up in South Carolina, it’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact that elk this size exist in the same country I live in.

And while there has been a few sightings in my state, the population isn’t strong enough to hunt. These massive creatures are something one from my neck of the woods could only dream of harvesting, some bucket list stuff no doubt.

With that being said, country singer Parker McCollum had himself a career day at the Aught Six Ranch in southern Colorado, taking down one of the biggest bull elk I’ve seen in quite some time.

He posted the harvest to his Instagram account, and he’s a beauty.

McCollum shared the story in the caption:

“Took 3 full days but we got it done just before dark last night here at the Aught Six Ranch – truly the bull of a lifetime.

Unbelievably grateful for the chance to harvest this beast. This ranch is just special, there is no other way to explain it.

David Watts & Hunter Mecham I owe you fellas big time! I’ll never forget this week!”

I’d say the time off the road for ol’ Parker has been some time well spent, because the guy had the harvest of a lifetime.


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