If You Liked ‘The Road To Hell Paso: Part 1’ Buckle Up for Part 2

Koe Wetzel country music

Just when I didn’t think my day could get better, The Road to Hell Passo: Part 2 is released.

These five-minute videos show that touring with  Koe Wetzel is not for the faint of heart.

The opener scene has Wetzel standing on top of the tour bus hitting beer cans with an acoustic guitar like a baseball bat, and then shortly after, he seemingly falls off the bus.

The video then pans back to 12 hours earlier.

Wetzel stumbles out of a bus that is about to explode. He is then lectured and yelled at by some Hollywood producers, who are none other than Dave England and David Koechner.

As they yell at Wetzel, who walks away after giving them a friendly “F**k off,” Koechner yells, “I’m from Hollywood!”

Wetzel casually replied, “Whatever, I’m from Texas!”

We love to see the Texan pride.

Many clips that his team has been teasing on social media over the last few weeks finally come full circle in this video.

This short video series shows exactly what Koe Wetzel loves to do, raise hell and make good music.

I live for great cinematic pieces like this to prepare fans for an album. There is no better way to hype up fans for new music than to show them some lighthearted and fun content…kudos to his team.

Hell Paso drops tomorrow, September 16th, or midnight if you will be staying up to binge listen like me….I am beyond excited.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock