Shaquille O’Neal Paid For 15 Of His Friends To Get Their Master’s Degrees

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Shaquille O’Neal, the man of the people.

The NBA legend has been known for his acts of kindness in the past, from buying appliances for a couple he met at Best Buy, to buying an engagement ring for a dude he met in a jewelry store, and also delivering Papa John’s pizzas to people in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

The list goes on and on.

It’s pretty rare for a person of his status to actually perform random acts of kindness for people who aren’t as well off as him, so props to ol’ Shaq.

And to add to the list, he told a story about how he paid for 15 of his buddies to get their Masters degree, when he was about to get his at the University of Phoenix.

According to him, Phoenix is mostly an online school, but he wanted to attend classes in person. However, the school’s officials said professors can’t teach a class of one, so he made this move.

He said:

“So I went and got my Masters from the University of Phoenix. University of Phoenix is an online program mostly, but I went to the head officials and said, ‘I don’t wanna do it online. I want somebody to teach me in a class.’

And they came back and said, ‘Unfortunately we can’t set up a classroom for one guy, you need 15 people.’ So I paid for 15 of my friends to get their Masters.”

Classy move there, Shaq. Classy move.

He even went on to get his doctorate:

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