Luke Combs Debuts Unreleased Song He Wrote Yesterday

Luke Combs country music

Sounds like Luke Combs has another hit on his hands.

It’s been over a month and a half since Combs dropped his fourth studio album, Growin’ Up. 

The album is a great display of his growth as both a man and an artist, as he mostly strayed away from the good timin’ beer drinkin’ songs, focusing more on deep reflection over his country music career thus far, along with being a married man.

And while it was a bit of a transition from what we’ve heard in the past from the hitmaking machine, it still felt right in the Luke Combs wheelhouse.

Of course, the North Carolina native isn’t done yet, as he just posted a video of one of a brand new unreleased song.

Written by Luke himself, Brent Cobb, and Aaron Raitiere, the untitled song is a soulful feel-gooder about one of those specific great days you know you may never get again with your significant other, and enjoying every minute of it.

The lyrics speak for itself:

“When the sky is blue
And the grass is green
How much better can it be
If I got you, and you got me
We got everything we need
Even if it grew on trees
Money can’t buy days like these”


I’m just hoping this one actually makes the cut for the next album, or maybe the deluxe edition for Growin’ Up, because this one here is a good’n.

And Luke asks that you excuse the facial expressions:

“Wrote this one yesterday with Brent Cobb and Aaron Raitiere. Loved it and thought y’all might wanna hear it. Disclaimer: This video may contain sub-par guitar playing and less than desirable facial expressions.”

Check it out:


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock