Garth Brooks Sings Billy Joel’s “New York State Of Mind” On ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ & He Gets INTO It

Garth Brooks country music

I think the last thing I wanted to see today was Garth Brooks breaking out some dance moves, but here we are.

I just have to admit, the amount of cringe radiating from Garth is borderline insufferable. Seriously, it’s gotten to the point where I reward myself with a beer and a pat on the back every time I make it through a minute of his videos.

Here’s our latest example…

Ol’ Garth made an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, and Clarkson asks him if he would like to sing a duet with her, Billy Joel’s 1976 song “New York State of Mind.”

First off, I have to point out that Garth is dressed like Vanilla Ice, except screamo version of Vanilla Ice, if you know what I mean.

Then, after Clarkson asks him to sing, he does the whole “oh, I don’t know…” and then immediately breaks out into singing and pumping his fist, like that family member you see at the reunion who is pretty good at impressions, and tries to be modest at first but then starts reciting every line from Talladega Nights or something.

Then, Garth stands up and starts squirming like he’s been possessed by a ghost as he tries his damndest to do a Billy Joel impression.

Yeah, G, I’ll give you some credit… you did a pretty damn good job with your cover of Joel’s “Shameless” back in the day, but this?

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock