Zach Bryan Laid It DOWN In Franklin, Tennessee, Last Night

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Tour videos from Zach Bryan are good for the soul.

Not only can this man stop putting out new music, but he also isn’t slowing down on his tour.

I am still kicking myself for not snagging tickets when he was in Fort Worth a few months back, but thankfully there is a surplus of tour videos surfacing that is giving me a small glimmer into the magic of this tour.

Last night, Zach took the FirstBank Amphitheater stage in Franklin, Tennessee.

And this crowd is ELECTRIC.

My suggested pulled up a clip of his performing “Burn, Burn, Burn,” and you can hear the crowd going wild for the newly released single.

Thanks to this amazing Taylor Hendrix, many more videos were uploaded over the night.

Zach’s vocals and energy radiate on stage and hype up the crowd. You can tell he is living for the crowd screaming his lyrics back at him.

“Take Me Home, Country Roads” with Charles Wesley Godwin

One of my favorite videos I watched from this night was “Something In the Orange.”

I feel very ‘basic’ saying that his is my favorite Zach Bryan song, but I will never skip it on a playlist, especially this “Z&E’s Version.”

The way he sang it during the show is very similar to the “Z&E’s Version.” The crowd is belting the first verse as he leads the tune. He rumbles deep in his throat to pull out a raspy twang as he gears up for the chorus.

I think I played back over that part of the video a good five times. It’s amazing.

Zach Bryan is certainly making his mark on this decade of country music, and at this rate, I think he is on the road to a long successful career.

“Heavy Eyes”

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