Arkansas Man Hilariously Tries To Flee Traffic Stop Even Though Ticket Was Already Issued, Gets Arrested For Meth


I’m in tears right now from laughing so hard.

This is textbook “What not to do during a traffic stop” 101 right here.

Now I’ve never been to Arkansas before, so there’s no hate coming from my way. They’ve got the Ozarks, the Razorbacks are good again, all in all seems like a great state.

However, I’ve seen an ever livin’ shit ton of wild videos and stories come out of the state, and it’s probably second to Florida from what I’ve seen…

And here’s another example.

Here we have your basic traffic stop, as a cop is politely handing a woman a citation for driving with a suspended license.

Everything appears to be running smooth, when all of a sudden ol’ Cletus with no shirt in the backseat decides to jump out of the car and take off in the other direction.

It takes the officer a minute to realize the guy is running away like there’s no tomorrow, and he’s in a pure state of confusion.

The officer identifies him as Robert, and yells out to him:

“Robert, you’re good bud. No warrant, Robert!”

It appears the officer takes off to track him down, and the video fast forwards to the cop arresting Robert, and pulling out a bag of meth from his pocket, and you can see the shame in his face, as the officer says:

“That’s stupid dude.”

I mean c’mon man.

The officer was about to tell y’all to “have a nice day,” and you decide to use the last two brain cells you have left to think to yourself:

“Yeah, it’s probably a good idea to run right now. I definitely won’t look suspicious or anything.”

People never fail to amaze me everyday.

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