Wheeler Walker Jr. Humbly Celebrates The End Of Florida Georgia Line: “I Ain’t Here To Gloat That I Won”

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Last week, Florida Georgia Line officially ended their decade-long run as the OG bro-country duo, officially calling it quits (for the time being) after their show at the Minnesota State Fair, the last leg of their summer tour.

There’s been crying and gnashing of teeth from the bro-country faithful who swear “they changed the game, bro” and happiness galore from the rest of country music fans, considering it’s widely known that Florida Georgia Line was one of the first to start the “bro-country” movement that plagued country music radio for way too long, and still does at times.

However, there may not be a person more excited about this breakup than the man himself, Wheeler Walker Jr.

Many may remember when he got kicked out of the Country Music Hall of Fame for protesting the new Florida Georgia Line exhibit, truly putting his career on the line for the sake of country music.

Of course, Ol’ Wheeler got the last laugh, and he took to Instagram to humbly celebrate.

He posted this video message to Instagram:

“So I heard Florida Georgia Line’s done. That’s what I came here to do, to end Florida Georgia Line, but you know I don’t wanna gloat these are people, they got their own lives and their own careers. They got families to raise, they got money to make…

I ain’t here to gloat that I won and they lost, that I’m the greatest, they’re the worst. I don’t wanna rub it in.”

Cue Wheeler gloating…

“Alright I might gloat a little bit. But hey, shit happens.”

Never change, Wheeler. Never change.

Oh yeah, and he left one strong message for a particular “country group” in the caption…

And it says:

“Dan + Shay, you’re next!”

Wheeler Walker Jr. Kicked Out Of Country Music Hall Of Fame

Justice for Wheeler!

Ol’ Wheeler Walker Jr. is back leading the charge against pop country music. A few weeks ago he announced a brand new album, Sex, Drugs & Country Music, a new tour, and dropped the first single, a tenderhearted love song called “F*cked By a Country Boy.”

He also asked fans to go ahead and pre-cancel him ahead of his album release, to “make him as big as Morgan Wallen.”

Well it looks like Wheeler was serious about getting cancelled, and the first place to cancel him was none other than the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Wheeler posted a video to his social media showing himself staging a little one-man protest at the Hall of Fame against their current Florida Georgia Line exhibit.

Finally, a cause I can get behind.

I mean seriously, of all the deserving artists, why the hell would the Country Music Hall of Fame choose to honor Florida Georgia Line? I obviously haven’t been to the exhibit because literally anything else is a better use of my time, but what does the display even consist of? Tyler Hubbard’s can of Axe body spray? Brian Kelley’s gold chain? The computer used to autotune the classic hit “Swerve?”

Whatever it is, Wheeler is doing the Lord’s work, heading down to the Hall of Fame armed with a sign that says “FGL Does Not Belong Here” to let them know how country fans feel.

Proudly chanting that “Florida Georgia Line does not belong in the Hall of Fame” and asking visitors exiting the museum if they saw the FGL exhibit and “saw their panties,” it didn’t take long once he got inside the building for Ol’ Wheeler to draw the attention of security.

And even after asking them if they could play him a country FGL song, security still bounced Wheeler from the Hall of Fame.

How are you gonna do Wheeler like that? The pussy king, the pop country killin’ machine himself – kicked out of the Country Music Hall of Fame.

If anybody deserves an exhibit in the Hall of Fame it’s Wheeler – although then it probably wouldn’t be the family friendly attraction it is now.

Don’t worry Wheeler, we’re still behind you.

Carrie Underwood Once Turned Down Florida Georgia Line’s Collaboration Request

The Backstreet Boys, Justin Bieber, Bebe Rexha, Nelly, Jason Derulo… hell even Luke Bryan and Tim McGraw… Florida Georgia Line has made a career out of collaborating with other artists.

Carrie Underwood is not one of them.

Given we had to live through Florida Georgia Line’s ridiculous Country Music Hall of Fame exhibit, what better time than now to take a look back at one of my favorite Carrie Underwood moments.

Back in 2020, the FGL boys shared an Instagram post (one that has since been deleted for obvious reasons) teasing a new song that they wrote with Julia Michaels.

And here’s the thing… they asked Carrie to jump on the song with them… on Instagram.

“We’d really love for Carrie Underwood to hear this song, we think it would be a massive collaboration.

We’d love to send it to you, but we don’t have your email or your phone number, so we’re just gonna play a little of the song.”

Don’t have her phone number or email? Huh? That’s probably not by accident. Great pitch guys…

Anyways, as it turns out, they got a big, fat NO from Carrie Underwood.

“No, we got turned down on that one, you don’t win em all, Cody.”

Tyler told Cody Alan on CMT Hot 20 Countdown according to Nash Country Daily.

“I guess she didn’t love it as much as we did, but that’s alright. I think she said it was amazing and she’d love to, but it was right around her book tour release and so she was super busy and didn’t really have time, but who knows, who knows where it will go.

Now it’s just open game… we got turned down, we got turned down, Cody.”

Excuse me…


Let’s be real for a second… why the hell would Carrie Underwood ever do a song with Florida Georgia Line? I appreciate the willful ignorance and whole “shooters shoot” mentality, but c’mon already. Carrie Underwood?

Hell, why don’t you send it over to Eric Church while you’re at it? Maybe give Chris Stapleton a call and see what he’s up to. In fact, I would pay you to send a song to Sturgill Simpson just so I can hear his reaction.

You see fellas, the one thing you should probably consider before you start throwing out names like Bruno Mars and Carrie Underwood is… would they actually want to collaborate with us?

Because the answer is probably no. And now you just look stupid.

But hey… you’re not making music together anymore anyways so I guess it all worked out in the end…

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