A Florida Georgia Line Exhibit Is Coming To The Country Music Hall Of Fame & The Comments Are BRUTAL

Brian Kelley, Tyler Hubbard posing for the camera

Start packing your bags, folks.

If you were needing an excuse to finally plan that big vacation to Nashville, well here it is:

A Florida Georgia Line exhibit is coming to the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Don’t all start booking hotel rooms at once…

This is what the Country Music Hall of Fame has been needing for awhile now. I mean, who really cares about shit like Bill Monroe’s mandolin, or Keith Whitley’s motorcycle, when you can see Brian Kelley’s can of Axe body spray or Tyler Hubbard’s gold chain?

Shut up and take my money.

But in all seriousness: What the hell?

Of all the deserving artists you could choose to feature in the Country Music Hall of Fame, which says that it teaches audiences about “the enduring beauty and cultural importance of country music,” you chose the guys behind songs like “New Truck” and “Swerve?”

Not to mention the fact that these guys aren’t even relevant at this point. Country music has (thankfully) started to shift away from the whole bro-country sound. And when you’re a one-trick pony and nobody cares about your trick anymore, it’s pretty much over.

I’ve gotta be going crazy here or something.

I mean, putting Florida Georgia Line in the Country Music Hall of Fame beside Hank Williams’ guitar and Dolly Parton’s dresses would be like wiping my ass and hanging the toilet paper in the Louvre beside the Mona Lisa.

I’d find more comments on Twitter like this, but… nobody cares…

Let’s try Instagram…

Here’s the official Country Music Hall of Fame Instagram post breaking the big news… let’s see what the fans have to say:


“Not. Country.”

“Wow this is disappointing…”

“I thought this was a COUNTRY MUSIC Hall of Fame???”

“Do better.”

“Ugh … all time low”

“This is kinda disappointing tbh”

“Way to read the room”


“I’m calling for the firing of WHOEVER thought this was a good idea!!”

“Worst duo ever in any genre.”

“They shouldn’t be allowed in the door! They’re not country at all!”

“SERIOUSLY?!? Surely, you can’t be serious.”



“This is a dang travesty”

“Super disappointed at this decision. They hurt country music much more than helping it.”

And just to provide the opposite perspective (all opinions are welcome here), this was the nicest comment I could find:

“Sad day for Country music to actually have these two in the CMHOF. They are super talented just not country.”

The people have spoken…

However, for those of you interested, the exhibit opens on January 21, 2022,featuring “instruments, awards, stage and screen costumes, and personal artifacts that follow the members’ musical development and rise.”

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A beer bottle on a dock