Bills WR Isaiah McKenzie Does Gender Reveal TD Celebration For His Pregnant Sister


Buffalo Bills wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie had a lot to celebrate last night.

For one, he and his team demolished the reigning Super Bowl champs Los Angeles Rams 31-10, and two, he scored a touchdown first game of the year, finishing the game with two receptions for 19 yards.

Also, the man is celebrating the fact that he’s about to be an uncle in the near future.

His sister is pregnant, and asked him if he could do her a favor.

If he scored a touchdown, he would look into the camera and reveal the baby’s gender, while his sister and the rest of the family watched on TV.

Sure enough, with 7:59 left in the third quarter, McKenzie caught a seven-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Josh Allen to put them up 17-10.

And what did he do next?

He went straight to the nearest camera, and yelled at the top of his lungs:


Once he yells it, you can see his sister and the rest of their family go bonkers.

Talk about a cool moment. I do wonder, though, what would’ve happened if he didn’t score a touchdown? Would they keep pushing back the gender reveal week after week until he scored?

Nevertheless, it was an awesome moment to share with the whole family.

And hey, he didn’t burn down half a national park…

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