John Daly Hilariously Orders Drinks At The Golf Course: “Just Go Ahead & Get Rid Of That Russian Vodka”

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It’s no secret that John Daly is about as ‘Merican as it gets.

The guy’s a two-time major champion on the PGA Tour, a belly flop champion, threw an absolute heater in flip flops while throwing the first pitch at the St. Louis Cardinals vs. Washington Nationals game, hangs out at Hooter’s during Master’s week, the list goes on and on.

He simply doesn’t give a rats ass what you think about him and has always done things his own way, which is why he’s a favorite professional golfer of so many.

The man is also know to like booze and cigarettes, so much so that he used to drink 35-40 a day, then  whiskey, and not sobering up until the 13th hole the next day.


When I see a wild John Daly headline, like him throwing a great first pitch in flip flops, I can’t help but to dive into the vaults and see what other outrageous videos there is to find of this guy.

Sure enough, I found this gem.

As a golfer there’s one thing for certain about ordering food and drinks while playing a round… it takes a hot minute.

You call it in, and next thing you know you’re almost done with your round before somebody from the clubhouse is driving it out to you.

So, needless to say, I can empathize with Daly here.

In the video, Daly is ordering drinks from the clubhouse.

The first thing he says is:

“Yeah let’s just go ahead and get rid of that Russian vodka. Get ’em out of our lives.”

I’m assuming this video took place when Russia first invaded Ukraine.

Then he says:

“We’re on (hole) 3 we’re gonna be here a while. This is like waiting for me to have sex with Ana (his girlfriend). It fuckin’ never happens… a lot of teasing.”

Like I said… legend.

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock