John Daly Throws Absolute DART In Flip Flops During First Pitch Of The St. Louis Cardinals’ Game Last Night

John Daly

Little did we know that John Daly almost was a first round pick to the St. Louis Cardinals as a pitcher before he chose to go to the University of Arkansas to play college golf…

Okay, that never happened, but after he went and threw this absolute HEATER back at the catcher during the first pitch between the Cardinals and Nationals last night, you could’ve fooled me.

Rockin’ the Cards jersey, legendary beard, and flip flops (because of course he would), he threw a damn dot to the catcher last night.

I mean c’mon, the legendary PGA Tour golfer’s list of accolades keeps getting longer and longer. From two-time major championship winner, belly flop champ, Hooter’s legend, pro beer chugger, and cowboy killer fanatic, to this, it’s impossible to keep up.

Needless to say, the first pitch was pretty damn impressive, considering all eyes in the stadium and those tuning in on TV were on him.

Not to mention, we’ve seen several fail in the past. Never forget 50 Cent’s horrific throw, along with Conor McGregor, and Dr. Fauci.

Of course, Daly was right where he wanted to be. The man has always loved the spotlight and being the center of attention, so this probably all came natural to him, no matter what he says.

Check it out:

And of course, those who have tried before him and failed:

Dr. Fauci

Conor McGregor

50 Cent

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock