Throwback To Reba McEntire & Kevin Bacon In The 1990 Motion Picture Masterpiece, ‘Tremors’

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Reba McEntire and Kevin Bacon? What a combo.

If you’ve never seen the horror flick, Tremors, stop reading this article right now and go get it… it’s a horror/sci-fi CLASSIC.

Released in 1990, Reba takes on the role of Heather Gummer, a survivalist. Following some mysterious deaths and some strange seismic waves below the ground in Perfection, Nevada, Heather and her husband, along with handyman Val McKee (played by Bacon), and a few others join together in an attempt to survive an ongoing attack of giant snake-like monsters hungry for human flesh.

Luckily for Reba, the plot also incorporated a good bit of humor, practice that would come in handy later on her 2000s sitcom, Reba.

Tremors was relatively successful and later followed by over 5 sequels of the same name.

And if you like the horror-genre, the film has a full dose of all things scary, including severed heads, surprise attacks, monster pursuits, and a red-headed, gun toting lead in Reba McEntire.

I mean, check this out:

And go behind the scenes with Reba:

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