Is This “Jager Bomb Hotdog” Recipe Genius Or The Devil’s Work?

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The majority of us probably have a wild story to share about Jager Bombs.

I mean c’mon, if you have a good bartender you almost can’t even taste the alcohol at first, and next thing you know you’re about six Jager Bombs deep and the drunkenness hits you like a freight train, and the rest of the night is a blur.

Needless to say, it’s a dangerous game.

And imagine this… you can turn a Jager Bomb into a whole ass meal if you want.

I’m not sure what started this trend.

Maybe it was the dude at the New York Yankees game who poked a hole through his hotdog, and started sipping his beer through the hotdog like a straw.

Who knows. But all I know is that I’ve seen several people post some weird shit, mixing a hotdog weenie and obscure things together for a combination that I never thought possible.

Hell, the other day I saw a guy turn a hotdog weenie into a joint. Insanity.

And in the latest edition of weird shit to mix with a hotdog weenie, we have “Jager Bomb hotdogs.”

In a short video, you see a man mix together the Jager Bomb recipe, Jägermeister and Red Bull together, in a jar.

He then takes a number of hotdog weenies, and soaks them in the jar of Jager and Red Bull, and boom…

Throw in a dash of Red Bull-infused ketchup and there you have it.

Once again, I find myself at a crossroads… is this genius, or downright disgusting and this man needs to be arrested immediately?

I guess y’all can decide on that one:

Here’s the full video:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock