Megan Moroney Lets Her Red And Black Georgia Colors Run For A Special Guy In New Single, “Tennessee Orange”

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Just in time for college football season…

Megan Moroney has a new single called “Tennessee Orange” out everywhere today… and it might have you questioning your allegiance ahead of a full slate of games tomorrow.

A co-write by Megan, Ben Williams, David Fanning and Paul Jenkins, she sings about falling for a guy who’s seemingly converted her into a Tennessee Volunteers fan, as she admits she’s now wearing “Tennessee Orange for him,” and even finds herself going to games at Neyland stadium.

On top of that, seeing as she’s a diehard Georgia Bulldogs fan, he has her committing the most egregious of sins that her daddy would never approve of, like “learning the words to ol ‘Rocky Top,'” and even forgetting that she’s “always looked better in red.”

I guess the saying “love will make you do crazy things” is definitely applicable here…. especially when it comes to rooting for one of your arch rivals for the sake of a guy.

Of course, she admits that “in Georgia they’d call it a sin,” because her team colors are clearly running as she falls for this man. But at the end of the day, she insists that he’s really a good guy who treats her right… even if he roots for the wrong team.

The Vols will meet the Bulldogs in Athens on November 5th, as they travel to the peach state to face the reigning NCAA college football champions, and I have a feeling enemy lines will certainly be drawn on that Saturday afternoon regardless of relationship status.

And because I’m so excited for college football season to be back in full swing, please excuse the fact that I’m about to call this song a huge score for Meg.

As much as I absolutely love “Hair Salon,” this is my favorite song she’s released yet.

Do yourself a favor and add this one to the tailgate playlist ahead of tomorrow:

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