Megan Moroney Makes Me Want To Go Get My Roots Done And Drown Out The Sound Of My Tears With A Blow Dryer On New Single, “Hair Salon”

Meg Moroney

Now I wanna go get my roots done…

Up-and-comer Megan Moroney just dropped a brand new tune, “Hair Salon,” and it’s a total jam.

Co-written by Megan along with Ben Williams and Micah and Mackenzie Carpenter, she details all of the happenings in a small town hair salon and the gossip that inevitably ensues with a room full of women gettin’ their hair done.

Not only is it an extremely accurate depiction of what really goes on in a hair salon (and sounded like it could’ve been included on the Steel Magnolias soundtrack or Kacey Musgraves’ 2015 Pageant Material), she uses some really cool imagery to explain all the gossip about “Kaci having a baby,” “the high school football team [winning] state,” and mostly, her own heartbreak from hearing someone mentioning her ex “from three chairs down.”

If you’ve ever been to this hair salon before, and I think a lot of us have, you will understand and relate to every single word. I mean, that’s literally how I keep up with 99% of what’s going on with people that I know… we all go to the same place to get our hair done.

And you truly do hear it all during that two-hour appointment, from the batshit crazy, made up bullshit, and a lot of times, some stuff you really don’t want to hear about people you thought you’d moved on from.

In a separate post on Instagram, Megan noted that it’s the first song from her forthcoming debut EP, Pistol Made of Roses:

“IT’S OUT!!!!! cheers to Kaci, the high school football team, the preacher’s son & all of these wonderful people.

Special thanks to my talented friends Ben Williams, Mackenzie Carpenter & Micah Carpenter for writing this gem with me + Juli Griffith & Kristian Bush for believing in me from day 1 & making shit happen.

Today is a good day!!!”

The tune has actually gone viral on TikTok, and while songs like that are typically not worth writing home about (sorry, not sorry), this one is the exception.

From the visuals on the single cover to the stripped back production and catchy melody, this song is a winner and I can’t wait to hear what else Megan has coming on her Pistol Made of Roses EP:

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