Mascots Absolutely Wrecking Pee Wee Football Players Is The Best Thing You’ll See On The Internet

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This is the content I needed to see today.

Whenever you go to a professional sporting event, there’s coaches and players cussing like there’s no tomorrow, umpires and referees throwing said players and umpires out of the games, and even the occasional fan fights in the stands that keep pro sports on the PG-13 level.

However, what’s the one childlike thing that you can always count on to make your kids happy while at these events?

The mascot.

You know, they dance around, do some funny stuff, and walk around the stadium and interact with young fans and make their day.

Except, little did I know that these mascots have a chance to absolutely unleash on the kids, for all the time they’ve gotten drinks, food, and throw up all over them just because they were trying to be friendly to some young kids…

According to Sports Illustrated, Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia hosts a “Mascots vs. Pee Wees” football game at halftime of the Falcons’ final preseason game.

I’ll admit that I’ve never heard of this before, and one would think that it would be a family friendly event for pee wee football players to get to interact with their favorite team’s mascot…

But nah, these mascots are out for blood.

The mascots absolutely abuse the much smaller footballers, and they aren’t afraid to let ’em know after they do it.

You see them stiff arm, hop over, and absolutely level these pour kids, and their perception of their favorite mascots just might change forever.

This is the funniest stuff I’ve seen in a while, and it’s well worth your time:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock