Remember When Chris Stapleton and John Mayer Shocked Nashville With A “Slow Dancing In a Burning Room” Duet?

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If you had a rough day, this throwback will fix you right up.

Back in 2019 we shared a video from John Mayer’s Nashville concert where he invited Chris Stapleton out to perform a brand new song the two had written just the night before titled “I Just Remembered That I Didn’t Care.”

The video was pretty long, so if you didn’t finish it you missed these two bad mf’ers also singing Mayer’s classic, “Slow Dancing In a Burning Room.” 

That’s some kind of firepower. Wouldn’t mind these two doing a tour together…

“I Just Remembered That I Didn’t Care”

What Do We Gotta Do To Get Chris Stapleton And John Mayer On The Same Stage Again?

Imagine being in the presence of such musical talent.

On one side, you have John Mayer, arguably one of the most accomplished and talented singer/songwriter/guitar player combos of the 21st century, and then you have Chris Stapleton, who arguably IS the greatest singer/songwriter/guitar player combo in country music right now.

Back before the pandemic hit, Stapleton and Mayer were filmed performing a song together that somehow still hasn’t been released yet.

As fans dubbed it “I Just Remembered That I Didn’t Care,” people were foaming at the mouth to have this song out on one of the two’s new albums.

Now, unfortunately we didn’t see it on Stapleton’s 2020 album, Starting Over, and it wasn’t be on Mayer’s Sob Rock album so we’ll still be waiting. Nonetheless, we can’t ignore when greatness meets on the same stage.

Whether it’s a song together, or even a concert together, we gotta find a way to get these two in the same room more often.

John Mayer Hilariously Trolls Celebrity “Imagine” Video

John Mayer dunked on all of Hollywood.

If you saw Gal Gadot and the rest of Hollywood’s tone deaf “Imagine” performance, you probably know that it was a huge swing and a miss.

Larry The Cable Guy and other comedians called out the John Lennon collab as “clueless,” as did many across the interwebs, but as it turns out, there was another celebrity that was supposed to be in the video…

John Mayer.

According to John, when he was asked to sing a line or two from “Imagine,” he thought they meant Ariana Grande’s “Imagine.”

Needless to say, he didn’t make the final cut, but he did share his takes with his fans after the fact.

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