My Dad Told Me His Favorite Walker Wheeler Jr. Song Is “F**k You B*tch”

Wheeler Walker jr country music

There is never a dull moment with my family.

I know that phrase is thrown around all the damn time with people, but I genuinely mean it with my crew.

I was on the phone with my dad the other day talking about country music, catching up, and giving me his debrief on the most recent articles I have written.

A fun part about having a father who did PR on music row and that is a musician there is a 50/50 chance he has a story that accompanies an old ACL video or he has seen something on the site that he wants to share some insights about.

He has been around the block and has worked with some amazing artists, so I always love hearing his stories.

It is a fun little dynamic… until my 65-year-old father tells me one of his favorite songs is one I would have hoped never met his ears.

On this phone call, he brought up the clip from the “Your Mom’s House” podcast with Tom Segura and Christina P.

We started bitchin’ about how much Nashville has changed from my time growing up there, but even more so from his point of view as he is also a native Nashvillian (a unicorn these days, as you would consider it).

The conversation took a turn when he said:

“You know, there is a lot of shit Wheeler says that you have to take with a grain of salt, but not his song ‘F**k You B*tch’. I love that tune.”

Pan to me, driving to my slow pitch, beer league softball league game… I’m stunned. I burst out laughing as no one expects those words to come out of their father’s mouth.

In the middle of my giggles, he adds:

“The line ‘f**k your dog, hope he never comes home. F**k you bitch,’ is my favorite line. So cruel, but so funny.”

The man isn’t wrong. Wheeler Jr. is the king of comedy country, and if you can embrace the schtick, it’s actually damn good country music produced by Dave Cobb.

But honestly, at that moment, I was just glad his favorite lyrics weren’t a few lines down… feel free to look into that if you wish.

So, thank you, Dad, for always finding ways to make me laugh. I cherish these silly little moments and will take the unexpected conversation any day.

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A beer bottle on a dock