Woman Gets Caught Doing Meth In The Dairy Queen Bathroom & Goes Absolutely Bonkers On The Staff

Dairy queen

Well kids, here’s a great life lesson for ya…

Don’t do meth.

I’ll never forget waiting inside of our local Cookout, when a meth head began to order his food. When the cashier told him the price, he started losing his mind, cussing out the cashier, and proceeded to ninja kick my buddy’s soda cup and Dr. Pepper went everywhere.

Needless to say, for one, it’ll ruin your life, two, it can kill you, and three, you might get so addicted that you can’t even wait long enough to get your Dairy Queen order before you catch the urge to get high again…

And speaking of that, here’s exhibit A.

Apparently, a woman had ordered her food, but started tweaking out and had to feel “normal” again, so she had to make a quick run to the ladies room to hit the ol’ meth pipe.

She was in there for so long, that the Dairy Queen workers eventually threw her meal away, and she was then caught in the restroom doing the crank. Great day to be her, huh?

And boy, she came out of that restroom high as a kite and seeing red, because she starts knocking stuff off the counter, and cussing the Dairy Queen employee out.

Once the Dairy Queen employee tells her that the cops are on the way, she loses any last bit of sanity she may have had, and goes absolutely ape shit.

Wild, man.

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