Tom Cruise’s Son Connor Hooked A Big 300-Pound Grouper In Florida Fishing Tournament


Looks like a famed actor’s son is catching the fishing buzz.

According to TMZ, Tom Cruise’s son, Connor, brought in a sweet catch here recently…

And we’re talking about a 300 pound Warsaw Grouper during the Sarasota Slam fishing tournament in Florida.

Connor and his group allegedly caught the fish on Friday, but decided to keep the biggin’ on ice until Saturday, when they decided to check the poundage, which officially weighed in at 301 pounds, receiving a massive applause from the crowd.

He wrote:

“Got it done yesterday with the boys. 301-pound Warsaw on the hand crank.”

Although both his dad and mom, Nicole Kidman are each star actors in their own rights, it appears that Connor has found his passion in fishing, as he constantly posts pictures of fishing trips to his social media accounts.

According to Fishing Booker, there are a ton of different species of Groupers, but the biggest are Goliath Groupers, they can weigh up to eight feet long and 800 pounds. The world record for Goliaths is 680 pounds, and was caught off the coast of Fernandina Beach, Florida.

However, due to the fish’s massive size it made them an easy target, and they were nearly fished to extinction in the 20th century. The fish are now preserved on a catch-and-release basis only.

For Warsaw Groupers, which is what Cruise caught, they can grow as big as about 450 pounds and over seven-feet long. The world record for Warsaw is 436 pounds, 12 ounces, and was caught in Destin, Florida.

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A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock