Zac Brown Kicks Out Unruly Fan In The Middle Of “Chicken Fried”: “See Ya, B*tch”

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He gone.

Seems like quite the rowdy crowd showed up to see Zac Brown Band during their concert this weekend at Freedom Mortgage Pavilion in Camden, New Jersey – one fan had a few too many of those cold beers on a Friday night.

Video from the concert shows Zac threatening to throw out a couple of fans who were apparently arguing with each other, while alerting security to keep an eye on them:

“Y’all squash it, you hear me? 

Watch these guys right here.

I’ll have both of y’all thrown out on your ass if you don’t stop right now. Y’all need to settle down. Take a deep breath. 

I need security to keep an eye on this right here.”

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Zac told the group that it was “all love” and to “shake it off” before continuing on with the show.

But apparently it wasn’t ALL love, because later in the show Zac ended up bouncing another fan who was getting too rowdy for Zac’s taste in the middle of the band’s biggest hit, “Chicken Fried.”

In the video, you see Zac stop singing to alert security to a fan that he wanted kicked out of the show, allegedly for yelling in the face of a little girl:

“Security, come here. This guy in the black shirt, I want him gone, right now.

Yes, beat it.

I just watched him scream in the face of a little girl and another lady. Get the fuck out of here.

Get him out right now. See ya, bitch…

You don’t treat a lady like that.”

And in some absolutely great work from the camera crew, the man’s face is then plastered on the big screens behind the stage, scuffling with security as they remove him from the show.

It’s not often that we get to see these people actually being removed from the shows after they get kicked out from the stage, so major props to Zac’s video crew for showing us the aftermath here.

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Looks like Zac came ready to make sure that everybody stayed in line.

Either that or everybody in Camden, NJ was just fired up and looking for a fight.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock