Twitter Goes Off On Two Shore Fishermen For Stabbing Legally Harvested Shark On Florida Beach

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Here we go…

A video of two Florida bros dragging a blacktip shark across New Smyrna Beach in Florida, and stabbing it in the head has sparked a ton of outrage, according to Click Orlando.

Due to the brutality of the video, many have come to question the legality of such a practice on a public beach.

Mariana Sabogal recorded the video saying:

“I am speechless… this is the world we live in and sadly enough we need to accept that there’s people in this world that find enjoyment in doing this. We need more shark awareness and education, and better laws to prevent and punish this type of behavior.

Being a shark lover, I feel I just witnessed someone killing an amazing creature for absolutely no reason. Please share.”

Although the woman filming the whole instance was condemning the move by the two guys, telling them to stop and put the shark back, the two responded to assure that the move was “legal” and “natural.”

One also responded:

“I’m taking it to eat and feed my family.”

They also joked after the woman asked them to put it back by saying:

“You put it back. You’ll end up in the hospital.”

And people were MAD:

The video is pretty wild, but nevertheless, blacktip shark fishing from the shore is completely legal, so long as the shark remains whole. And you can actually catch one per day.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission weighed in on the catch:

“It is common practice for anglers to euthanize sharks after landing for ethical and safety concerns. This video is not currently under investigation as no violation of state law regarding the method of harvest occurred.”

The agency also provided a list of harvestable and prohibited sharks, while also stating that any person planning to target or keep sharks caught on shore must pass Shark-Smart Fishing educational courses to get a Shore-based Shark Fishing permit..

The permit is required for shore-based shark fishermen who are 16 and older, and a fishing license is not needed.

Naturally, this video set off a firestorm of comments calling for the fisherman to be fined, arrested, and even stabbed in the head themselves, and perhaps their attitudes bring that upon themselves.

Despite being afraid of them, people like sharks and don’t want to see them stabbed in the head on the beach. Bear hunting is another one that makes folks uneasy.

So maybe don’t make a show of it, eh? With the rock on sign and the posing… it just doesn’t do other fishermen any favors.

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