Kacey Musgraves’ Haunting Demo Of Miranda Lambert’s Hit “Mama’s Broken Heart” Is Crazy Good

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I didn’t even think it was possible to love this song any more than I already do…

But Kacey Musgraves’ original demo of “Mama’s Broken Heart” is crazy good.

Of course, Miranda Lambert’s version of the track became a huge hit after she included it as the fourth single from her 2011 Four the Record album, but Kacey originally co-wrote “Mama’s Broken Heart” with Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally.

Miranda’s version is really sassy and has a super twangy, fun feel to it, whereas Kacey’s original demo sounds pretty dark and bluesy… like it could almost be a haunting country murder ballad with different lyrics (which I guess it kind of is, in a certain sense).

Kacey definitely gave it her own style and touch, per the usual, and the original production gives the song a completely different take and perspective.

In an old Youtube video with shots from the demo recording process at Quad Studios in Nashville, you see a baby-faced Kacey singing her heart out back in April of 2011 — before she ever even put out her debut studio album, Same Trailer Different Park, which was released two years later in 2013.

I’m sure the royalties from Miranda Lambert’s hit version certainly don’t hurt when Kacey gets her checks in the mail every month, but damn if I wouldn’t absolutely love to get Kacey’s version on a studio cut one day.

And I don’t want to compare the two of them, because I really do love both versions of the songs in different ways, but lawd have mercy… this demo is just beyond good:

Miranda’s version:

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