Koe Wetzel Goes Off On Fan Throwing Bottles At Him: “You Wanna Throw Sh*t At Me Motherf*cker, Let’s Go”

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If there’s anyone in the realm of country music who knows how to have a damn good time, it’s Koe Wetzel.

But at a show in Sikeston, Missouri at the Sikeston Rodeo over the weekend, one fan took it too far and threw several bottles at the Texas rockstar throughout his performance on Saturday night.

In a video on TikTok, you can see how it all went down, and as he’s introducing the next song, he stops in the middle of his sentence to call out the person form the crowd… and he didn’t mince his words:

“Throw another motherf*ckin’ bottle up here. Come on. Punk ass motherf*cker.”

In that same video, you can see what appears to be some sort of glow stick go flying, and someone mentioned that detail in the comments, suggesting that Koe might’ve been confused or something and no one actually threw a bottle.

A fan who was in attendance added that someone had been throwing stuff throughout his set, and other bottles had gone flying that weren’t captured in that particular video:

“There was a bottle thrown prior to this.”

Another commenter said it seemed to throw Koe off a bit having to continually stop for that nonsense, and that it ruined the whole feel and excitement of the show:

“You can tell it killed his vibe and made him pissed all night.”

Here’s the video:


Koe doin his thang 🤘🏼 @Sikeston Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo @koe_wetzel #sikeston #sikestonrodeo #fullmoon #saturdaynight #koe #rodeo #concert

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And in another video a different fan shared on TikTok of the show, you actually can see a glass beer bottle go flying, and this time, Koe stops in the middle of singing “Forever” as he mouths to the person:

“You wanna throw shit at me motherf*cker, let’s go.”

Here’s that angle:

The first thing that came to my head watching these, other than the fact that I’m glad he never actually got hit with anything, is why in the world someone would be so aggressive and actually try to wind up in a physical altercation with Koe…

This comment pretty much summed it up:

“I got a lot of confidence in myself to beat a lot of guys bigger than me but I wouldn’t wanna fight koe lmao.”

And what I really don’t understand anytime something like this happens is, if you’re a fan seeing an artist that you love at a live show, why in the hell would you want to throw something at them?

First of all, it’s clearly dangerous, but it’s also downright rude and really pointless.

Artists, especially country artists, put a lot of effort and time into creating a great live show, so it really just sucks that there’s sometimes one person who wants to ruin everything for everyone else who’s there to have a good time.

And yes, Koe Wetzel shows are naturally very wild and rowdy, and that makes them fun and unique, but this just takes things way too far.

We’ve seen similar incidents happen before where people have thrown random shit at artists on stage, and Miranda Lambert comes to mind as a recent example. If you ever throw a beach ball her way, prepare to have it immediately deflated.

On a lighter note, though, Koe does have a new album called Hell Paso on the way soon, and has been teasing a single called “Creeps” that appears to be dropping in the very near future:

And Koe stopped by the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast last week for a really great (and funny) conversation where he talked about all the new music coming soon, so make sure you check that out while you’re here too:



A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock