Jaguars Fans Trade Punches With Steelers Fans In All-Out Brawl In Jacksonville

A crowd of people in a stadium

What. A. SCENE.

It might only be the second week of preseason, but the Jacksonville Jaguars fans are already in midseason form.

The Jags may be rid of Urban Meyer this season, and Trevor Lawrence has another year to figure it out, but let’s be honest, the Jags are gonna be scraping the bottom of the barrel again this year.

And the fans know it.

I mean, why else are you throwing hands during a meaningless preseason game?

Just look at this rag-tag group of hooligans:

It’s more exciting than the product on the field, that’s for damn sure.

Nothing like watching grown men fight over some kids playing with a ball… fists flying, beers throwin’

Either way, football is BACK.

Here’s another angle:

Did Jaguars Quarterback Trevor Lawrence Actually Lose His $15 Million Signing Bonus?

Back in early 2021, when quarterback Trevor Lawrence inked his contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars for a $24 million signing bonus, he also signed an endorsement with cryptocurrency.

There’s a little bit of leeway for the youngster, considering everybody was getting into the crypto game around this time last year. However, it’s now 2022, and the crypto market crashed big time, with Bitcoin losing around 57% of its value.

With that being said, Sun Sentinel reporter David Furones displayed a graphic on Twitter, showing that Lawrence may have lost around $15 million after putting his $22 million signing bonus into different cryptos.

This would roughly place the quarterback with only $9 million left from his signing bonus. And granted, the market can always rise again, but OOF…

Being a diehard Clemson fan, Lawrence just might be the best quarterback to ever wear the orange and white, and I hoped that this unfortunate situation wasn’t true, and he was able to sell before the crash.

Many sports fans and trolls alike were coming for the young quarterback’s head, saying how dumb of a move that was.

Luckily enough, sports and business insider Joe Pompliano set the record straight, noting that Lawrence did NOT lose the $15 million, as he made it clear that he signed an endorsement deal with a crypto app called Blockfolio, and THAT signing bonus was in crypto.

He did NOT put his entire NFL signing bonus in Crypto.

He explained in a thread of tweets:

Thank God, because if he actually did lose $15 million, this would just be adding insult to injury, considering the absolute train wreck former Jags head coach Urban Meyer left him after his clown job that he tried to call coaching last season.

Then again… he’d still be super rich.

Twitter Roasts Jacksonville Jaguars GM Trent Baalke

And with the first overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select…

Travon Walker,  from the University of Georgia.


Make no mistake Travon Walker is a physical freak who played all over the field, including a ton of snaps inside, for the National Championship winning Georgia Bulldogs.

However, if you simply look at the stat sheet, it’s debatable whether or not he’s the best player on the Georgia defense, let alone the entire NFL.

He wasn’t a standout college football player, but had an unreal combine performance. He’s got the skillset, the question remains if he can put all the tools together and become a dominant force in the NFL.

University of Michigan defensive end Aidan Hutchinson was widely suspected to be the the first overall pick, and the Detroit Lions wasted no time snagging the home town kid with the second overall pick.

He’s way less of a risk as opposed to Walker, however, if we know anything about the Jaguars, avoiding risk isn’t exactly their forte.

Remember when they hired Urban Meyer to be their head football coach? And remember when he brought Tim Tebow on board? Yeah, that didn’t go well…

Needless to say, Jags fans aren’t exactly pleased with the gamble… and they took to Twitter to let GM Trent Baalke know about it.

I guess we’ll see… maybe they just like picking first.

Here’s Baalke’s reasoning for selecting Walker #1 overall:


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A beer bottle on a dock