Watch Former UFC Champion Luke Rockhold Wrestle A Steer

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I don’t know who decided this was a good idea, but I am here for it.

Luke Rockhold is making his comeback fight this weekend at UFC 278 as the former 185lbs Champ takes on Paulo Costa after 3 years away from the octagon.

With a professional record of 16-5, Rockhold has had a career of ups and down, from a terrifying run in Strikeforce pre-UFC, to beating then undefeated Chris Weidman in an all-time great Middleweight title fight, to losing the belt by way of an all-time vicious first round knockout curtesy of Michael Bisping.

Given he’s one of the few former Middleweight champions still active in the UFC, it’s really awesome to see him back in there.

But what was he doing during his time away?

Taking time to recover? Working on some weak spots or learning some new skills?

For sure he did a little of all of that, but he also decided it was time to cut loose and have some fun.

What type of fun you may ask?

How about a little steer wrestling?

It doesn’t sound very fun to me, but for a man who makes a living by locking himself in a cage with other absolute killers, I guess it sounds like a hell of a Saturday night.

Now, I’m not the most familiar with rodeo events outside of bull riding, barrel racing, and calf roping, so I don’t know if this is some traditional event but getting in the pen and trying to take down a steer barehanded sounds like just the right type of bad idea that would be awesome to watch.

The steer initially takes him down, but Luke holds his own, sweeping it and almost advancing to mount, but eventually the animal gets away because, well it’s a steer, what did you expect?

Not sure if the event was for time, but I’m giving him a 10 out of 10 for the effort.

Pumped to see him back in the cage this weekend, hope his chin healed up and he can get the job done.

And speaking of the Michael Bisping fight, who could forget the moment that most people remember him for?

“Conceive, believe, achieve… Shut the f*ck up!”

Absolute classic UFC moment…

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