Grizzly Bear Takes Down Massive Bull Caribou In Head-To-Head Battle

Nothing is more powerful than a mother trying to feed her children.

It is the pinnacle of only the strong survive… and the generation beyond them too.

These creatures fight everyday for their own survival, then all of the sudden they have another couple of little ones to feed.

Grizzlies also have to watch out for their own, as males will kill the cubs for a chance to breed with the sow again.

It’s a tough life for them, even though they are some of the meanest animals that roam our lands.

The fact alone that this video is 15-years old and terrible quality, yet there is nothing similar out shows how rare it is to see something like this happen.

Usually, grizzlies will target prey smaller than them unless an optimal opportunity presents itself. It’s not that they won’t or can’t take down large prey, its just that its easier for them to prey on the smaller and the week. Typically, with large game animals like moose, elk or caribou, you see them target the young, small or injured.

It is not common to see one, especially a sow, target a full grown bull caribou. At full grown averages, there isn’t much different in size. Here, it looks like the sow and caribou are fairly similar in size. The only thing the caribou has going for it are the massive swords growing out of its head.

The sow approaches the very weary caribou as her cubs follow behind. It’s not hard to tell what her motives are.

The sow advances until the pair are literally face-to-face. The caribou lunges with its antlers and tries for a get away run. The sow follows and even though the caribou seems faster it quickly decides getting into a chase is not the option to take.

The pair go head-to-head again, ending up wrestling in the middle of the river.

Ultimately, the grizz gets the upper hand as she gets ahold of its neck and gets it to the ground.

Dinner is served.

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