Wisconsin Kid With The Sweetest Mullet I’ve Ever Seen Has Qualified For The USA Mullet Championship

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It’s that time of year again…

And we’re talking about a competition that pisses excellence and bleeds red, white, and blue. The official Mullet Championship for kids.

Every year, kids from across the country with the lucky ability to grow some Billy Ray Cyrus style mullets, submit their pictures to small business owner Kevin Begole and his committee, to choose who has the best luscious locks in America.

Begole weighed in on how the competition went from local, to a big time national scale:

“That really blew up. We actually had to cap at 500 kids, because we were getting hundreds of entries a day, and I couldn’t imagine going through a contest with thousands of kids.

We obviously look for the whole ‘business in the front, party in the rear.’ Within the mullet community, if you can look straight on at somebody and see their hair short in the front and necessarily tell what’s in the back.

And then when they turn their head and you see that long flow of hair, that’s a solid mullet.”

The official championship doesn’t begin until October, but entries have been submitted from all 50 states, paying only a $10 entry fee.

With that being said, we’re getting the first taste of what we can expect for this year’s competition, and needless to say, the mullets we’ve seen so far are glorious.

And in particular, the four kids from Wisconsin and Minnesota who’ve made the championship.

And one of those lucky kids, according to CBS News, is eight-year-old Emmitt Bailey out of Menomonie, Wisconsin.

Rocking the sweet mullet and the pit viper sunglasses, he discussed finally making it to the big dance:

“Last year my parents found out about it, but it already started, so then we did it this year.”

However, his father Eric may be more excited than Emmitt:

“(Mullets have) come back in full force. It was $10 to enter and all of the donations are going to the Michigan Wig Foundation for kids.”

The winner gets a whopping $2,500 cash prize, and Emmitt says that he’s getting a go-kart if he gets the W.

Keep an eye out on ol’ Emmitt in the coming weeks…

I’d say the kids gotta great shot.

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