Nebraska Wide Receiver Decoldest Crawford Drops Incredible Commercial For Local HVAC Company


Last year, the college football world went wild over one particular high school recruit, with the most outrageous, yet incredible name I have ever heard…

Decoldest “ToEvaDoIt” Crawford (Yes, that’s his name).

After the Shreveport, Louisiana product decided to decommit from LSU after head coach Ed Orgeron parted ways with the school, he decided to take his talents to Lincoln, Nebraska, and play for the Cornhuskers.

Now he’s officially in the world of NIL, and what was his first move?

Partner up with a heating and air company, SOS Heating and Cooling.

This is absolute marketing genius. I would bet my whole life savings that there’s not another college football player in America with the word “coldest” in it, so props to this guy for eating it up.

Some teasers have been released here recently of a commercial Decoldest and SOS have in the works, and today is the day we officially get the whole thing…

And it’s as awesome as you could’ve imagined.

Just take a look and see for yourself:

Of course, I’m just hoping Decoldest lives up to the hype.

I mean c’mon, you can’t have a name like Decoldest “ToEvaDoIt” and not actually be, “the coldest to ever do it.”

Nevertheless, this still may go down as the greatest and most fitting NIL deal of all time.

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