JJ Watt Confused A Rattlesnake With A Harmless Long Nose Snake, & His Reaction Is Hilarious

J.J. Watt holding a small snake

JJ Watt… not a big snake guy.

Of course, who is though? I’m fully convinced that any creature that slithers on the ground using no legs, and can sneak up on you at any second is directly from the spawn of Satan himself.

Then again, we all know the Garden of Eden story…

Considering JJ Watt is from the state of Wisconsin, where rattlesnakes are, well, nonexistent, you can imagine that hearing that rattle for the first time is enough for somebody to break out in cold sweats, even if you’re a 6’5”, 290 pound defensive end in the NFL.

He weighed in on a terrifying situation recently, about a baby rattlesnake he discovered in his bathroom yesterday morning.

With Watt being the amateur snake expert he is, he says that baby rattlesnakes are the most dangerous, because they don’t know how to control their venom and will use it all in one bite.

And while that’s not

So, in the one minute and 30 second update he sent out on Twitter, he talked about how he got a guy to come over and get the baby rattler for him.

Once the guy got there, he saw the snake in the bathroom, picked it up, and said:

“Ah, it’s not a rattlesnake, it’s a long nose snake. Completely harmless.”

TOUGH scene there JJ.

I guess he still hasn’t quite gotten acclimated to the lifestyle in Arizona, with the plethora of scorpions and new types of snakes he’s never encountered before.

Nevertheless, it’s still hilarious thinking about the baddest defensive end in the NFL was terrified of a snake that was completely harmless.

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