Tyler Childers’ ‘Purgatory’ Album Has Gone Certified Platinum

Tyler Childers country music

Look at Tyler Childers getting some much deserved recognition.

It feels like it was yesterday when the Eastern Kentuckian rocked our worlds with his 2017 Purgatory album, featuring songs we all still spin to this date, like “Feathered Indians,” “Whitehouse Road,” “Lady May,” “Universal Sound,” “I Swear (To God),” and hell, the whole track list.

The number one selling album received praise from fans across all genres of music, and further proved that there are still country artists out there that are devoted to keeping traditional country and bluegrass alive and well.

With that being said, Purgatory has officially soared to new heights, as it just went RIAA Certified Platinum, selling one million units.

The album went Certified Gold back in December of 2020, and it’s awesome to see Childers’ project reach yet another milestone.

All without an ounce of play from country radio, or support from the Nashville country music machine.

Maybe this will be some added inspiration for Childers to release a new album?

The man has played a number of unreleased songs at the few shows he has played over the past year and a half, but has unapologetically admitted that he’s enjoyed his time off from touring, and there’s still no word on a new album in sight.

I’m just hoping that we haven’t seen the last album from the guy, and there’s still more to come.

But in the mean time, SPIN IT:

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