Ryan Bingham Honors Montana Crowd With Performance Of “Big Country Sky”

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It truly is amazing how Ryan Bingham can touch every ounce of emotion you’ve got with his music.

Musicians who are able to capture their audience with only an acoustic guitar and their voice, without all of the big lights, choreography, and even twerking (I’m talking to you Luke Bryan), are incredibly few and far between these days.

However, with Bingham’s gritty vocals, and insanely vivid storytelling, the man knows how to get the job done.

Although the man hasn’t released an album since his 2019 American Love Song project, he’s recently garnered much more attention for his role as Walker on the Paramount Network show, Yellowstone.

And with the show being filmed in the gorgeous state of Montana, it’s safe to say it’s probably started to feel like a second home for Bingham.

This video comes from his performance at the Southwest Montana Flood Relief Fund Benefit Show at The Old Saloon a couple weeks back, in an effort to raise money for those suffering from the catastrophic flooding that swept through Montana, resulting in Yellowstone National Park having to shutdown for a period of time.

In the video, he plays his song “Big Country Sky,” off his 2006 Dead Horses album.

“This one is for all you Montanans… thank y’all for being so kind and sharing it with me.”

Needless to say, it’s easy to see how much the song means to everybody in the crowd, as you hear them sing along.

These live videos also help to remind us that Bingham is still one of the best singer/songwriters in all of the genre, and considering he’s been in the game for over 15 years now, and the man ain’t going nowhere… when’s that new album coming out Ryan?

Check it out:

Here’s a group effort:

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