Yellowstone Creator Taylor Sheridan Recalls Watching Chuck Norris Beat Up Another Actor On Set Of ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’

Taylor Sheridan Chuck Norris

If you grew up in the ’90s to early 2000s, then there’s a good chance that Chuck Norris’s iconic show Walker, Texas Ranger was on your TV screen at least once in your life.

I mean c’mon, there’s no better way to portray Chuck Norris than as a badass Texas Ranger who uses his fists for lethal weapons.

It was around the time of this show that the legendary Chuck Norris jokes began to circulate as well.

You know, jokes like:

“Chuck Norris once beat Medusa in a staring contest.”

“Chuck Norris doesn’t breathe, he holds air hostage.”

“Chuck Norris isn’t afraid of the dark. The Dark is afraid of Chuck Norris.”

Needless to say, everything about the famed actor, martial artist, action hero, screams LEGEND, and it’s easy to see how a jack of all trades like himself earns those type of jokes.

With that being said, I was digging down a Yellowstone rabbit hole, and discovered an interview with co-creator Taylor Sheridan in The New York Times.

Much to my surprise, I found out that Sheridan got his first acting role in Walker, Texas Ranger back in 1995.

In the article, he talked about how nice of a guy Norris was while filming, but he got into a heated confrontation with another actor on set, which brought out his fists of fury.

He recalled:

“Chuck Norris was the first celebrity I ever met, and he was such a gracious guy. But he got into a fight with another actor. Chuck’s itty-bitty, and this guy was huge.

You know all the Chuck Norris jokes? He actually does just beat up people with his fists.”

First off, I want to know who in the hell thought it would be a good idea to fight Chuck Norris. Sure, he may be a small guy, but he’s a world class martial artist who could crack your skull in a heartbeat if you cross him the wrong way, and he would still sleep peacefully about it that night.

I’m fully convinced he could’ve taken down Goliath with a right cross in Biblical times.

Either way, Taylor’s encounter just adds more to the already incredible story of the great Chuck Norris.

Here’s a scene from the only episode Taylor ever starred in, and there’s A LOT of big dudes in it.

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