Jason Aldean Is The Willy Wonka Of Junk Mail Thanks To His “Hidden Ticket” Promo With Valpak Direct Marketing

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95% of my snail mail travels directly from the mailbox to the trash can.

But that all changed this week when I received a Valpak direct marketing mailer with Jason Aldean’s face on it. It’s a keeper, because I can’t stop laughing when I look at it.

While other country artists partnered with Busch Light, various distilleries, and us here at Whiskey Riff for added exposure (and sometimes money), Aldean partnered with direct mail marketer (aka: junk mail manufacturer) Valpak.

For the past two months, Valpak’s blue envelopes that usually end up in my trash can featured the mainstream country music superstar’s face along with a QR code you can use to stream his new album, “Georgia.”

It also fooled me into thinking I’d just scored a 10% off coupon to an Aldean concert no one wanted to go to.

Upon further review of the fine print and a recorded video message from the Ain’t Enough Cowboy artist on Valpak’s website, there are, tragically, no Aldean coupons. Instead, there are ten, precious concert tickets tucked into Valpak’s junk mail somewhere in America, making this sweepstakes perhaps the most depressing version of Willy Wonka’s “golden ticket” strategy the world has ever seen.

Still, if this campaign had the same media attention as that depicted in 1971’s classic movie, “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” I would be refreshing my Twitter feed every few seconds for updates. Is the Aldean Army storming your local landfill for discarded envelopes? Did a ticket slip out of grandma’s billfold while she tried to cash in her $5 off coupon at JC Penney?

Or is there footage on TikTok of 2022’s “Grandpa Joe” celebrating his Aldean ticket by dancing in his nightgown?

Jason Aldean is a polarizing figure today, whether it’s his politics, his impact on popular country music’s sound, or his bold commitment to squeezing into skinny jeans at 45 years young. But, like him or not, there’s no denying Aldean’s indelible mark on the country music landscape.

He’s got some great songs (“Don’t Give Up on Me” is my personal favorite), and he’s got some horrible ones

But I’ll remember him best for his appearance on my Valpak mailer, because I think I’m going to frame it.

Look alive, America: buried in your junk mail, there just might be a golden ticket to Nashville where you can see, firsthand, whether Aldean actually painted on those jeans.

And if, like me, you came up empty when you opened that blue envelope, just scan the QR code and let the man himself ease your disappointment with “Trouble With a Heartbreak.” Or, if your mailer’s already in a landfill somewhere, you can just watch it here:

And in case you’ve had enough Aldean for today, here’s Grandpa Joe singing about the original “golden ticket” contest, when the losers at least got a piece of chocolate for their troubles.

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