HARDY & Busch Light Partner for Three “Win-Your-Way-In” Shows in Small, Midwest Venues… So Wish Me Luck In The Sweepstakes

Hardy country music

Well, that sounds like a good time.

HARDY announced via social media last week that he partnered with the iconic and one-and-only Busch Light to host three shows this August and September at small venues in Madison, Wisconsin, Columbus, Ohio, and Chicago, Illinois. Tickets to the exclusive events are not for sale and are only available via a “win-your-way-in” sweepstakes on Busch’s website.

So, if that doesn’t interest you, may I suggest you enter anyway and send those tickets my way when you win? Great, thanks….

I haven’t been shy about my appreciation for HARDY’s unique brand of light-hearted, slightly more authentic, bro-country bangers with a healthy dose of rock. Critics say he’s a “songwriter for hire” in the radio-friendly, Nashville music machine, that he lacks the vocal range of his contemporaries, or that his glasses make him look like your nerdy, redneck neighbor.

But I shrug off those critics and listen to HARDY anyway because his music is catchy as hell, and he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s the good-timing, butt-of-all-the-jokes, “glue guy” in your friend group. And when I want an easy-listening, chantable song about beers and trucks and cast iron skillets, he’s my favorite.

And I bet a HARDY show in a small venue would be absolute madness. (have you entered the sweepstakes for me yet? If not, please open a new tab and go ahead and do that now. Thanks).

The majority of HARDY’s live shows this year happened in giant stadiums in support of Morgan Wallen’s “Dangerous Tour.” And while he brings a ton of energy to his large crowd sets, something tells me the rock-heavy HARDY was made for a dingy, sweaty basement where you can feel the speakers vibrating your internal organs.

The return of live music in 2022 reminded everyone how powerful and joyful that experience can be. But as our favorite artists grow in popularity, they also tend to outgrow the intimate venues that make you feel like you’re a part of the show.

Busch Light chose HARDY to tap into the magic of those small shows with their “Busch Country One Night Only” series this summer.

And I unapologetically concur with their selection… as long as I get one of those tickets.

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