Alan Jackson Unveils New Signature Silverbelly Bourbon Whiskey: “Tastes Like ’90s Country”

Alan Jackson country musicd sitting at a table with a bottle of alcohol

It seems like everybody and their mother has an alcohol brand of some kind these days.

Jon Pardi just launched a whiskey, Whiskey Myers just launched a whiskey, Parker McCollum has a wine, George Strait has his delicious Código tequila… it’s endless.

And now, Alan Jackson, Mr. Chattahoochee himself, has officially entered the bourbon game.

Named for the color of his legendary silverbelly hat, Alan Jackson is gearing up to bring his signature Silverbelly Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey to market.

Created in partnership with Silver Screen Bottling Co. & DSP-KY-10, each batch number will be tied to one of Jackson’s #1 songs, with the first batch paying homage to his 1990’s hit, “Here In The Real World.”

Silverbelly Whiskey clocks in at 91 proof, AKA 45.5% alcohol by volume, and will run you about $40 bucks per bottle. The flavor notes are described as:

“Having an aroma of brown sugar, sweet apple, cherry, honey, and a taste that’s sweet smooth, and spicy; bright fall fruits with a light, silky texture on the mid-palate; soft caramelized oak tones are met with a savory wood spice on the finish.”

Jackson’s daughter Mattie Jackson Selecman, who is actually a certified sommelier, says:

“Silverbelly tips its hat to the spirit at the heart of this country. Its smooth texture and medium-light body make it perfect to sip neat at the end of a long day or to raise in a toast of celebration, mixed in your favorite Old Fashioned or Manhattan cocktail.

With a subtle kiss of oak and traditional flavors of caramel, spiced apples, and toasty brown sugar, Silverbelly is as American as whiskey comes – a true taste of home.”

Silverbelly Whiskey is available now in stores across Tennessee (with other states soon to follow).

For Jackson, Silverbelly is all about bringing that good time. He shared a video of what happened the first time they popped open a bottle and Lord have mercy it’s a sight to behold.

AJ in the dad kicks just tearing up a little Jerry Lee Lewis… COME ON WITH IT.

“I opened the first bottle of Silverbelly… this is what happened” 

Getcha some:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock