Jason Aldean Goes Full T-Pain On “Ain’t Enough Cowboy” From New Album ‘Georgia’

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If you’re a fan of traditional country and hate the overproduced garbage on the radio these days, I’ve got good news for you:

There’s no need for you to listen to Jason Aldean‘s “Ain’t Enough Cowboy.”

At a time when it seems like country music is moving away from all of the pop production, Jason swerved hard in the other direction and went full 2007 T-Pain with the track from Georgia, the newly-released second half of his double album, Macon, Georgia.

The whole thing is an autotuned mess about how he’s not strong enough to leave a relationship that he knows isn’t good for him. But for a song that channels Tim McGraw’s “The Cowboy In Me” and George Strait’s “The Cowboy Rides Away,” this one really proves that Jason’s trying to occupy his own lane in country music – one that’s less cowboy and more bullshit.

“But there ain’t enough cowboy in me
To slip up out of these sheets
Ride off in the sunset to a bar right down the street
Don’t pick up when you call, leave it in the dust
Say to hell with it all, but, girl, there ain’t enough
Cowboy in me”

He ain’t kiddin’ when he says there ain’t enough cowboy in him, because this song could have used a lot more cowboy and a lot less autotune.

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